About Powel Security Services

Powel Security Services (PSS) provides a structured approach to helping our clients ensure thy are better protected against the risk of a significant cyber or security compromise.
The inherent; brand, reputational, economic or in the case of many of our CNI clients environmental or life-threatening risks that such events raise are not to be underestimated. Powel’s Security Services combines Physical, Digital and Human Factors in the hardening of an organisation’s overall security posture.

PSS offers a seven-step framework which incorporates industry best practice and recommended cyber security hygiene factors, a solution that is underpinned by an award-winning approach to Cyber Security consulting services and one that has helped organisations such as your own develop a more robust ‘HACKER HARDENED™’ security posture.

We encourage clients new to PSS to select from the menu and start the process through an initial Cyber Security Maturity Review (CSMR) utilising our Cyber Security Maturity Matrix (CSMM).


“Regardless of your current security status there is always value in a PSS review”
– Kevin Gjerstad – CTO Cloud at Powel AS


Where to begin?
Typically we expect to be asked for point solutions for example:

• Compliance review / support (GDPR / ISO 27001)
• Penetration Testing
• Patching status review
• Deliver Staff Risk Awareness Training
• Assess our maturity against an industry benchmark

Our service is indeed designed to respond dynamically to such (often urgent) requests so we’ll jump. However, we always aim to understand the security strategy and policy context for our clients business and will, where invited to, perform a review of the overall posture.


Contact us on email: security-services@powel.com or phone nr +47 2388 7331


“Cyber threats are among the top issues keeping energy leaders awake at night in Europe and North America. Over the past three years, we have seen a rapid change from zero awareness to headline presence. As a result, more than 30 countries have put in place ambitious cyber plans and strategies, considering cyber threats as a persistent risk to the economy”
-Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy council




Helping you manage cyber security as a business risk

  • Manage – Supplying Security Leadership & Capabilities – Interim CISO/CIO/CSO or Supporting your existing team.
  • Measure – Deploying use of our Maturity Matrix assessment – Benchmark your risk exposure.
  • Monitor – Tiger Eye Oversight on critical security measure – A single pane of glass view.
  • Mitigate – The Seven Thames approach to cyber security risk mitigation – a structured approach
  • Maintain – Hacker Hardening™ your organisation against a developing threat landscape.


Helping to continiously improve your cyber security resilliance


Well qualified CISO or CSO?
The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is relatively young and work done by Powel with our colleagues at Ascot Barclay Group (ABG) has shown that the dimensions of the role are unfathomably large. Combine this with the exponential growth curve in cybercrime activity to form a perfect storm for CxO’s trying to ensure their assets are secure. We offer an approach to support both new and existing CISO/
CSO’s or where none exists a flexible pool of capable and proven expertise from our CISO/CSO and cyber security bench of talent.


Delivering Superior Cyber Security Solutions to our Established Clients


“As a result of recent high-profile breaches board members and CxO’s are becoming more aware of the risk they own and are seeking specialist help to both quantify and mitigate their Cyber Security and legislative risk, Powel Security Services are here to help executives and their teams identify and bridge any known or unknown gaps that an adversary might exploit”.
-Mike Loginov C|CISO Chief Security Officer (CSO) Powel AS


Contact us on email: security-services@powel.com or phone nr +47 2388 7331

Our partners include

Ascot Barclay Group are a mature, multi award winning cyber security consultancy renowned for helping to benchmark the CISO role (CISO Finger Printing), for their CISO as a Service prowess and leading the march on new initiatives such as the recently launched IOTSA.



Created for Senior management and CISO’s by CISO’s this forum was founded to ensure that operational technology security benefitted from an active platform to connect and voice views, share opinions, insights and thought leadership with specific regard to the subject of operational technology cyber security. Membership is currently free (2017).


Let’s Talk Security.
Please talk with Powel Security Services about your current cyber security posture. We look forward to sharing.

Contact us on email: security-services@powel.com or phone nr +47 2388 7331